YEPs Recharge at Spring Mini-Conference

The Youth Empowerment Project of the Ozarks hosted regional students and sponsors at the first Spring Recharge event.  This two hour session, held at the Community Foundation of the Ozarks, small numbers of participants per school to recharge and rebuild enthusiasm for exceptional spring semesters.  Students and sponsors focused on successes and lessons learned in the fall semester and discussed ideas and upcoming fundraising, service, and grantmaking projects for spring.  YEP chapters also learned about upcoming grant and scholarship opportunities this semester.

“My YEPO kids loved the Recharge event,” Ozark YEP sponsor Karen Miller said. “Since it was small, they felt like they got to participate more, not just listen.  On the way up we had time to discuss some changes for YEPO; on the way home we discussed fund raising, rules and the radical differences between the groups.  They had fun, and they learned!”

YEP of the Ozarks is a 38-chapter program that focuses on youth philanthropy in rural Ozarks places.  YEP students achieve their philanthropic goals through four tenets: community education on the importance of philanthropy, service to our local places, fundraising for youth projects, and grantmaking to support local youth-oriented and directed programs. For more information go to